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Why Choose a Dentist that Focuses on Pediatric Patients?

Choosing a Pediatric Dentist


While most parents understand the benefits of having a pediatrician for their child instead of simply a general doctor, it’s not often clean why a pediatric dentist is just as necessary and preferable over a general dentist.  Choosing a pediatric dentist will ensure that the development is going as it should, along with establishing good dental habits that will last a lifetime.

What sets us apart?

Pediatric Dentists only treat children and have 2 additional years of specialized education to earn our title.  From kid-friendly office designs to our unique communication style, our area of expertise offers the best care for your child.

Our goal as a pediatric dental office is to help all children feel good about visiting the dentist and teach them how to care for their teeth.  We’ll even set up a “friendly visit” to help alleviate any fears your child may have.  Pleasant visits to the dental office establish trust and confidence in your child that will set a precedent for dental visits later on.

Pediatric dentists also have special training in helping children with special needs. We encourage you to reach out to us about your child’s unique situation.

What about teens?

Adolescents require special attention too. In addition to orthodontic needs that are best addressed in the teen years, decaying or poorly situated teeth can make them more self-conscious. As teens take on more responsibility for their own diet, and as they adjust to busy schedules we often see a tendency to eat more unhealthy snack foods that can become a major part of their diet. We provide a positive approach to restoring and guiding teeth, and teaching preventive dental health care throughout the teenage years.

Our ultimate goal is to make our dental practice a comfortable and inviting place.  We hope you’ll let us show you how we accomplish that!

4 Responses to “Why Choose a Dentist that Focuses on Pediatric Patients?”

  1. Afton Jackson

    I didn’t realize that a child’s dentist has 2 additional years of education that help them keep children comfortable. My son’s teeth are coming in soon. Hopefully, we can use this info to find a professional that can keep his teeth clean. Thanks!


  2. Elsa Anderson

    Thank you for sharing a bit of insight as to why we should be choosing pediatric dentists for our children. At first, I never knew that there is such thing as a pediatric dentist and it made sense when you said that the same concept applies when we trust to pediatric doctors the needs and concerns to our children. It’s good to know that pediatric dentists are responsible for enforcing good dental habits and for monitoring the development of the child’s teeth and gums. My 4-year old niece is fond of chocolates and my brother is anxious that she might get those toothaches as early as this age. I’ll let him know about this so he can consider taking her daughter to a child dentist.


  3. Jordan Miner

    We’ve been looking for some good pediatric care options for our kids. I’m glad you talked about how pediatric care is targeted especially for kids, which I think would be nice. I’m going to have to look for a few good pediatric care options and see what our options are!


  4. Dentist Coquitlam

    This is the best post ever. In this post you have provided us best knowledge about pediatric dentist. It’s really a helpful to us.


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